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10 Legit Reasons You Should Have Sex on the First Date




Forget all that you’ve heard before – here are 10 reasons why you should have sex on the first date.

If you’re anything like me, you are probably sick and tired of worrying about whether or not you should sleep with a man on the first date.

Let me be the first to tell you that I know plenty of happy couples who met, did the horizontal tango on their first date, and still have a happy healthy relationship including regular sex… with each other.

The rules of waiting no longer apply to today’s world.

In fact, I can tell you ten very good reasons you absolutely should get him naked on the first date:


1. Does it fit?

We’ve all heard “it’s not the size of the wand it’s the magic inside”, but let’s face it, ladies, size really does matter.

I’m not only talking about small sizes, either (I don’t need to explain that you have to be able to feel something when he’s inside you).

Let me give you an example. I was very happy with this guy I had been dating. We went out all the time, we talked, and he was fabulous.

I held out to have sex with him because I wanted to “build our relationship first” – I mean, that’s what we’re told to do, right?

When it came time for the big night and he took off his pants I quite literally gulped and said “You’re not going to fit that inside me.” That’s right, he was too big!

Now, you might be the kind of woman who wants a twelve inch man, but I’m good with five or six inches. There are some sexual positions you cannot comfortably get into when he’s impaling you with his massive member.

Also, you need to know if his body fits yours.

If you’re thighs are bruised in the morning from his bony hips pounding away at you, or if you’re smothering when he’s on top because his huge hairy chest weighs a ton.

Then perhaps you’re not physically meant to fit together no matter how strong the chemistry, which is a good thing to know before investing too much into a relationship.

2. Female independenceImage

 Another reason to go for the gold on the first date is because you are a beautiful independent woman and if he’s any kind of man he will admire you for your ability to be who you are without him.

In other words, he’ll appreciate a woman who knows what she wants.

If he’s the kind of man stuck in the mindset that a real woman waits until marriage (or at least the third date) then is he really the kind of man you want?


3. The Freak Factor

Everyone has a different style. Some people are into whips and chains and others are just “missionary men”.

This is probably one of the most important of the 10 reasons you should have sex on the first date.

If you’re looking for a sweet, romantic love-making kind of guy and he’s pulling your hair and asking you for anal, then chances are you are not going to be sexually compatible.

I prefer to know what kind of lover he is early in the relationship so that I can decide if I’m going to be willing to give in to his fetish fantasies or have to tell him to hit the road.

On the opposite end, if he is not willing to cater to my fantasies then I also have to find another lover.

I’ve had boring lovers and I’ve also had kinky lovers who thought every night should be a freak show, which either way, is only fun for so long.

4. Test drive



You wouldn’t buy a car without driving it first, why would you invest all your efforts into a man without driving him first?

Some things can be taught (maybe he just never had the right kind of woman teach him) and other things he will never learn.

Test drive him, find out what he knows and what he’s willing (and unwilling) to learn and see if you want to put the energy into this guy.


5. Second date

This one is probably the most important of the 10 reasons you should have sex on the first date. You should have sex on the first date because then you will know if you want a second date.

Did he perform as he should (remember, first time sex can be awkward so excuse him if he’s nervous)? Was the sex “WOW” or just “wow, I’m glad that’s over”?

First date sex lets you know if he’s worth a second date. Even more importantly how he acts after first date sex lets you know if he’s worth a second date.

Did he call you the next day like a gentleman should (yes, he should always call the next day)? Did he stay the night with you or jump up and leave after sex?

His reaction is the most important reason to sleep with him now before you’re in too deep. How he reacts will tell you what kind of man he is and if you should pursue him any further.

6. The best way to get over someone




The best way to get over someone is to get under someone.

I can’t tell you how many times I have missed ex-boyfriends and been afraid to date because I didn’t want my heart broken again.

I recently had the best experience of my life. I had just been dumped by my boyfriend and was feeling pretty low and an acquaintance asked me out. I wasn’t sure, but I went anyway. The sexual attraction was insane and we went back to my place.

Now, the sex itself was okay (not great… we didn’t “fit” together), but, I woke up feeling amazing because I now had proof I’m still attractive.

Sometimes, you just need the ego boost.


7. Physical attraction

Speaking of attraction, why deny yourself the chance to get naked and touch that handsome hunk of man meat in front of you?

Maybe later you’ll find out he’s got nothing going on inside that very sexy head of his, but for now, while you still think he’s attractive, give him a go. Release that sexual tension, ladies, and show him how a real woman does it!

Sex is healthy, it’s fun, and it’s a great way to feel good fast, so don’t let the sexual fire burn out. Do him while he’s still hot!


8. Relationship decision





Having sex on the first date is when you are going through a tough relationship decision. I’m going to give you a scenario.

You and your Mr. Right (okay, Mr. Maybe) have been off and on again for months. You just got asked out by another guy, someone you are physically attracted to but maybe not sure about because you’re hung up in Mr.-Maybe-limbo.

Go out with the hot new guy and have sex with him. First, this will make you feel attractive again (and you need that).

Second, it will let you decide if you really want to get back with Mr. Maybe or move on to someone else.

Maybe that hot date is not the guy you’re going to date, but he is the guy who gave you the self-confidence to make the right decision.

9. For adventure’s sake

Have sex with him because he’s hot.

You are only going to live once and being treated to a mind blowing orgasm by a hot guy is a memory you will cherish on those long cold sexual drought nights, which we all have, ladies.

Maybe you’re driving around in his car and you both just pull over and have sex in a park (you can now check that one off your sexual bucket list), or maybe you just get a great five minute quickie with a man who stirs your passion.

Whatever the case may be, it’s an adventure.

10. The afterglow



Of the 10 reasons you should have sex on the first date, the afterglow ranks almost top.

You can get afterglow from any kind of orgasm – even masturbation – but it’s best from a crazy night of passionate sex. What’s better than first time sex?

Afterglow makes you feel good about yourself, it’s mentally and physically healthy, and you shine for days after.

If you’re a woman who’s still looking for the right man, even having sex on the first date with the man of the moment will give you that physical glow that appeals to the opposite sex.

Most importantly, though, do it because it makes you feel good.

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