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4 Fascinating Facts About: Hemp & Islam



Hemp has had a place in many places and cultures, including the middle east, the part of the world where Islam originated.
1. Alcohol is prohibited in Islam; cannabis is allowed. In 1484, in a shot at Islam, Pope Innocent VIII said the use of hashish is equal to conducting a Satanic mass. I guess the devil is in the dank?

2. Sufi’s are Islamic mystics (sort of). Around 1000 CE Sufi’s are credited with developing the art of rubbing resin off living plants to produce Charas. Charas is a high quality hashish.

3. In 1150 the Islamic world had a paper mill / factory — using hemp for the fiber in the paper — in present day Spain, at a place called “Xativa.” Does that rhyme with “sativa?”

4. Cannabis is discussed — as medicine — in the 13th century writing of Ibn Beitar.



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