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People who consume cannabis know more about the risks associated with that consumption than do people who do not use herb.  Take a look:



Researchers at the University of Zurich in Switzerland assessed the health literacy of some 12,000 male subjects. Investigators reported that those subjects who consumed cannabis, alcohol, and tobacco “searched for information about substances significantly more often via the Internet than abstainers.” These subjects also “reported better knowledge of risks associated with substance use and a marginally better ability to understand health information than abstainers,” the authors found.

In particular, subjects who reported consuming cannabis at least once per week were four times more likely to search for health-related information as compared those who abstained, the study found. Researchers concluded “Substance users appear to be more informed and knowledgeable about the risks of substance use than non-users.”

Makes sense if you think about it — users would have more questions about using. So why is it the non-users act like they know what they are talking about? Oh, right, the Michelle Bachmann thing again.


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