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People are currently in an uproar over cannabis testing ever-higher in THC.  People whine about craft beer, too.  People — can’t stand’em but it gets lonely without’em.  Anyway, follow this short trail and see if this makes sense.  Better pot should (1) get you nicely high, and (2) not require much bud to achieve that effect.  We are getting close on putting this one in the “win” column.


In the annual Cannabis Cup competition, where marijuana enthusiasts gather to try pot from various places and vote on their favorites, the most potent strains have a THC content of around 25%, according to testing commissioned by the organizers at High Times. But at the University of Mississippi, in a laboratory that tracks the potency of marijuana seized by federal law enforcement officers, they’ve found even higher levels — as high as 37%, according to Dr. Mahmoud ElSohly, the director of the Marijuana Potency Project.

Since 1972, ElSohly says, the average THC content of marijuana has soared from less than 1% to 3 to 4% in the 1990s, to nearly 13% today.

“You really have to be careful,” he says. “The danger of this high-potency material is not with the experienced marijuana smokers, but young people who really don’t know what they’re smoking. They don’t know what to expect, and before they know it, they’ve inhaled too much.”

“There have always been high-THC content cigarettes around,” says Carl Hart, a neuroscientist at Columbia University who studies the physical effects of cannabis and other drugs. “The modest increases that we see today are not as concerning as has been made out to be.”

Just as people drink hard liquor differently from beer, says Hart, they don’t smoke highly potent cannabis the way they use weaker stuff. In his lab, for example, study participants are given three minutes to smoke a marijuana cigarette. “If we give them a low dose, they suck down the whole thing. With stronger material, you’ll see them give back the other half.”

For most people, that seems to translate to the real world, whether the purpose of smoking is medicinal or recreational. “The new stuff is a bit more potent than it was 20 years ago when I started smoking,” says Chris Simunek, the editor of High Times. “The end result for me is that I smoke a lot less of it.”

More cannabis of better quality might mean we could actually grow enough for everyone who wants some to have some, all at once?


[image: Google images “marijuana”]



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