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20 Annoying Things That Your Smoking Buddies Do


Smoking is a great thing. It bring people together and helps them to bond while they are in a “higher” mind state. However, it’s not always the best experience. There are many times when people you are smoking with will do things that bother you so much that they can ruin your high. For all you know, you may even be the one doing these annoying things and you don’t even know. No wonder no one wants to smoke with you anymore.

Check out these 20 annoying things that your friends do either while smoking or involving smoking and make sure you don’t do any of them.

Talk too much – There is nothing that will blow your high faster than someone who will not stop talking. Especially if they are complaining about their problems. I don’t want to hear all that while I am high.

Wet Mouth – Getting a blunt/joint/pipe/whatever that is drenched in your saliva after you hit it is one of the worst things you can do. It closes up the hole and it’s disgusting. Don’t do it.


Cough too much – Everyone coughs a little but if you’re coughing up a lung, pass the blunt and go get some water or something.

Constantly ask if you are high – Yes, I’m high. Now shut up.

Act like they aren’t high – If you aren’t high then why are you over here wasting my weed then?

Hold on to the blunt and talk and not smoke – I HATE this. Pass it!! What are you waiting for? You can still tell your story just the same with the blunt in my hand. In fact, it’s better off that way.

Mess up rotation – Can’t do it! You have to make sure that the blunt is in constant motion. Moving from one person to the next, seamlessly. We don’t need any hold ups or passing it to the wrong person.

Talk about how high they are too much – I don’t need to hear how STONED you are, every sentence. Thanks though.

Mess up the dutch – Learning how to twist up a blunt is something that you should do on your own and maybe one other person. If you have big groups and you attempt to twist up but you mess up the blunt, that’s a huge fail. If you are no confident with how you twist up, then just don’t do it.

Don’t put in any cash – Everyone wants to smoke, not everyone wants to pay. ANNOYING!


Steal/lose lighters – Nothing transfers ownership amongst stoners more than lighters. Sometimes I even make a conscious effort to keep track of my light but it still gets lost.

Bring up politics – There are certain things that you shouldn’t talk about while high and politics is definitely on that list. No one wants to hear you and your friend going at it about whether or not Barack Obama should be president while they are stoned. Those conversations go on forever and will almost certainly ruin your high.


Let the blunt go out and then pass it – It should be a rule to have to relight before passing, I know when I handed it to you that it was lit.

Pass it without ashing first – I hate when your friends don’t ash and they give it to you with a ton of ash on the end that is just waiting to fall right onto your shirt.

Pinch the bag – Such a dishonorable thing to do but lots of people do it, even your friends.

Bring other friends who smoke but don’t throw in cash – You have to contribute if you are going to hit the blunt.  If it happens one time, we might be able to live with it but if you constantly show up right when we are about to spark up and you are always broke, we’ve got a problem.

Don’t pack the bowl after you have packed it twice in a row – I know I am not the only one with weed here and I am not just going to keep the bowl full for everyone else. I can do that on my own, without you here.


Turn on crappy music – …or change from my music. If we are in the car or something, keep your mitts off of my radio.

Be greedy with connects – You ever have a friend that has a great connect but don’t want to connect you with them. Almost as if they want to be the middle man. That’s not cool.

Constantly hit on you while high – This one usually isn’t an issue for me so much as it is for females. I hear females complain about guys that will only smoke them up when they are trying to bone them. At least they get free smoke out of the deal though.


I want to hear from you guys. What other annoying things do your friends do that can ruin your high?


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