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Did You Know? By Fevzi Hussein

Heard this and thought it was just a hoax but guess this real life story is worth considering..

Cyprus Observer

‘Did You Know?’

By Fevzi Hussein

The merits of an arranged marriage have been argued for decades. Many moons ago, marriages were far less complex. Do not get arranged marriages mixed-up with forced marriages. In an arranged marriage each party has a choice (although this is debatable even in some arranged marriages), whereas in a forced marriage the parents dictate the running and the individuals involved are mere pawns in a ‘match made in hell’.

Some arranged marriages are the substance of real romance. Take my parents as an example. My dad came to the UK in 1961 to escape the turbulence that existed in Cyprus. Mrs Özgül Hüseyin and Mr Mehmet Hüseyin © Fevzi HusseinIn fairness he also left as an economic migrant, as there was not much hope for Turkish Cypriots to make a decent living in the North – in 55 years not much has changed on that point. My father took up wrestling on the…

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